Best Coffee Beans for DeLonghi La Specialista Espresso Machine 2024

So, you have just purchased a new DeLonghi La Specialista coffee machine and are now wondering what beans to run through the machine. Don't worry, we've got you covered with a list of some great Australian specialty coffee roasting companies below to get your coffee journey started.

1. Faithful Hound Coffee Co.

Over very own freshly roasted coffee beans will suit the espresso style of your DeLonghi La Specialista perfectly. Try our Four Paws Blend for a well rounded medium intensity blend or try our Choc Lab Blend if a bolder, stronger coffee is more to your liking.

2. Code Black Coffee

Located in Brunswick, Melbourne, Code Black Coffee Roasters produce some seriously good beans. Try their 3056 Blend which is their signature espresso blend and perfect for the home coffee machine.

3. Seven Seeds

Also located in Melbourne, Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters have multiple cafes across the city so you're never far away from a good coffee. For home use try their House Espresso Blend for a well balanced, great all round coffee.

4. White Horse Coffee

Roasting out of Sydney, White Horse Coffee have a great variety of specialty coffee beans on offer. Look no further than their White Knight Espresso Blend which is the staple of their roasting line up.

5. Glitch Coffee Roasters

Based in Newcastle, NSW, Glitch Coffee Roasters have a great line up of coffees to try on the home espresso machine. Go for either their Haywire or Broasters blends, you can't go wrong.

6. Brew Coffee Roasters

Roasting out of Perth and with a large variety of coffee blends to choose from, Brew Coffee Roasters have something to suit every coffee lovers palate. We recommend starting with their Voodoo Blend for a great espresso coffee.