Best Coffee Roasters in Melbourne, Victoria 2024

Known as the coffee mecca of Australia, Melbourne is home to some of the best coffee roasters in the country. Below is a list with some of our favourite roasters to check out. Whether you're looking for your next go to coffee spot or ordering beans online, we've got you covered.

1. Faithful Hound Coffee Co.

While we roast our coffee out of Adelaide, we ship our beans Australia wide and offer two delicious blends for you to get your hands on, our Four Paws Blend and Choc Lab Blend. Both blends are small batch roasted using specialty, high grade coffee beans that perfectly suit espresso style coffee machines, French press or stove top methods. For a medium intensity coffee with beautiful chocolate and berry notes, go with our Four Paws Blend. For those who prefer a stronger, more intense coffee experience, check out our darker roasted Choc Lab Blend. Our coffee also helps to support local dog rescue shelter, Scruffer Lovers.

2. Industry Beans

With cafes located in Fitzroy, the CBD and Chadstone, house hold name in specialty coffee, Industry Beans, are not only serving beautiful coffees with a focus on single origins, but also great food options if you're feeling peckish. Hop online to check out their wide selection of coffee beans on offer. You can't go wrong with the Fitzroy Blend.

3. Seven Seeds

Long time veterans in the Melbourne specialty coffee scene, Seven Seeds have been pioneering the way since 2007. With cafe locations in Carlton and the CBD, and an epic range of coffee beans to purchase and brew at home, these guys are a must for any serious coffee lover. 

4. Rumble Coffee

One of our favourite roasters in Melbourne, Rumble Coffee, are roasting up some seriously delicious coffees out if their Kensington roastery. Stop in to order a coffee or pickup a bag of freshly roasted beans. You can't go past the Haymaker blend!

5. Code Black

With cafe locations spread across Melbourne and a HQ Roastery in Brunswick that you can't miss, Code Black are synonymous with the Melbourne specialty coffee scene. If you're heading into the roastery, be sure to check out their beautiful and shiny Loring S70 coffee roaster through the roastery window inside the cafe.

6. Market Lane

Specialty coffee roasters, Market Lane Coffee, have some of the most beautiful coffees on offer in Melbourne. With a number of cafes located around the city and a wide variety of coffee beans to choose from and order online, this is one roaster that cannot be missed.

7. Jasper Coffee

OGs of the Melbourne coffee scene since 1989, Jasper Coffee are still roasting up some of the best coffee available in the city and are a must try for any coffee enthusiast. Duck into one of the four stores they have across Melbourne and feast your eyes on the huge variety of coffee beans they have on display for purchase.