The Best Coffee Beans for Making an Iced Latte Coffee in Australia

You know summer is here when your usual hot coffee beverage of choice turns into an iced latte on the regular. Making a great iced coffee at home is super simple and doesn't have to be more complicated than your normal routine. Below is a quick and easy recipe with delicious results.

For this iced coffee we used beans from our Choc Lab Blend which is a darker roast and cuts through the milk for a more intense coffee flavour. However, our medium roast, the Four Paws Blend, is still perfectly suited for iced coffee and is ideal if you prefer an iced coffee with a little less intensity.

Iced coffee made with Faithful Hound coffee beans.


1. Pour a single shot of espresso into a tall glass. If you don't have an espresso machine and use another coffee brewing method at home, just add coffee liquid to suit desired strength.

2. Add 3 - 4 cubes of ice.

3. Pour in preferred milk or milk alternative.

4. Add a dash of vanilla extract. Around half a teaspoon.

5. If needing to sweeten, add some brown sugar to desired taste and mix.